PickALoan FAQ's

Who and what is PickALoan?

PickALoan was originally meant to be a loan comparison website.  Each day, our website grows with additional financial products for consumers to compare such as credit cards, SBA loans, debt management programs, etc.  For additional information view our about us page.

Is PickALoan a lender?

No, PickALoan is not a direct lender or any kind of lender at all.  We offer a comparison of loans and credit cards from third party lenders and financial companies for consumers to compare and apply.

How does PickALoan get paid?

Some of the financial products on our website offer compensation when borrowers apply or sign up for certain products.  For additional information, please view our disclosure policy.  We’re committed to being fully transparent.

Does PickALoan offer any additional services?

Currently, we offer blog posts to educate consumers on financial products, credit scores and business finance, along with our loan comparison charts. As we grow, we may add more options and services to the list.

* Banks, issuers, finance companies and credit card companies mentioned/displayed on PickALoan do not endorse, guarantee or is responsible for any content or articles on this website*

Disclaimer: PickALoan is an independent comparison website for loans and credit cards. We strive to provide the most accurate information as possible but we dot guarantee the accuracy of all information. Please read and check the terms, conditions and rates of all and any financial products you apply for from this website from the original issuer.

Ad Disclosure: We receive compensation for certain financial products (excluding government-based products). This compensation may affect the placement of certain products on this website. For example, this may impact the order of where the products appear. See Disclosures for further details.

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